Exercises for beginners to lose weight

Exercises for beginners to lose weight | Sunflower seeds benefits

Exercises for Beginners 

Exercise is a must for the body to stay healthy. But, in the current rush, in the running life. There is no time to exercise. The result is a variety of illnesses. Against this background there seems to be little change in the public. No matter how much time you have preparing to exercise. However, Exercises for beginners to lose weight. What kind of exercise in particular should be done? Not knowing how to get started doing whatever it takes. As a result, they suffer from body aches and other problems. That’s why health experts have revealed six easy exercises for those who want to do new exercises. Not only that you must do these before doing heavy workouts. Here are 6 exercises that experts say are for beginners.

Exercises for Beginners

1. Bird Dog Exercise

There are many benefits with Bird Dog exercise. This exercise strengthens the waist, thighs and abs. This is a lot easier than strenuous exercise. You can stay at home and relax. Experts say that there are many benefits to exercising on a daily basis.

2. Side Plank Exercise

Balancing and controlling can be improved through side plank exercise. Not only that .. the fat accumulated around the abdomen will be melted. Abs are reinforced. Doing this position 2 to 3 times for a few seconds will result.

3. Bridge Exercise

Doing this exercise will strengthen the spine. Works as a good stretching for the body. Helps the body to be fully prepared for the next exercise. Also stabilizes rectus abdominis and quadriceps.

4. Banded Lateral Walk

This exercise helps to get rid of knee pain. In addition, it also strengthens the gluteus medius. Stabilizes the hip to maintain proper tracking‌ in the knee joint by reducing lateral pressure on the knee.

5. Scapula push ups

These scapula pushups strengthen the arm muscles. As well as makes the arm muscles free. Improves shoulder movement. Do this exercise for 3 to 5 seconds .. 3 times. So that there will be a good result.

6. Hollow Hold Exercise

There are many benefits to doing Hollow Hold Exercise . Strengthen the muscles in your back. The muscles in the lower abs area also become stronger. If there is fat around the abdomen, that fat will be completely dissolved. As well as the hip muscles also become stronger. Doing the Hollow Hold Exercise 3 times for 2 to 3 minutes is beneficial.

Sunflower seeds are more effective when taken with food

It is a well known fact that sunflower seeds are commonly used for oil. But these are very good for our health. They are also used for weight loss and weight gain. It contains protein, antioxidants, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin B and B6. There are several benefits to including these in the diet. It boosts the immune system. Also .. Consumption of sunflower seeds reduces the risk of health problems.

1. Many people make many attempts to lose weight. Mostly fruits and vegetables are taken for this purpose. However those who want to lose weight should take sunflower seeds in your diet daily.
2. Lowers blood pressure as well. Taking these on a daily basis helps in controlling blood pressure. Potassium and magnesium help in controlling blood pressure.
3. Sunflower seeds are very beneficial for both mood and brain. It also contains Vitamin B, which helps in keeping the brain healthy.
4. Apart from these .. Sunflower seeds are also useful in making the skin glow. These not only keep the skin healthy but also make it glow.
Sunflower seeds can be mixed in soups, muffins, cakes, pastries, salads and pastas. In addition, one or two spoons of sunflower seeds can also be taken with evening tea. However, consuming too much of these seeds is also a health hazard. It is high in calories. Also, high doses can damage the kidneys.

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