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iOS 15, full connectivity

We start with the new iOS 15, who announces new ways to connect the mobile thanks to this new software update. This year, for example, FaceTime calls are improved, to which Spatial Audio is incorporated, so that “it seems that our interlocutors are in the same room.” The voice, in effect, will come from the area of   the screen where our interlocutor is.

Noise cancellation is also added to video calls, so they are clearer than ever. The AI, in effect, will give priority to our voice, isolating it from any background noise.

iOS 15 also now allows a grid view that shows us, at the same time, all participants who can also use portrait mode to blur the background and highlight their faces. A whole novelty. On the other hand, the FaceTime Links functionality makes it possible to share content (photos, music) during calls by simply pressing the icon that will now appear in various applications. And not just on Apple devices. Everything indicates that from now on PCs and Android devices will also be able to use FaceTime, even through the web.

With SharePlay you can also share content, such as music, at the same time that we continue on FaceTime, which we will do from the Play button of Apple Music. And the same with movies, through Apple TV, which will allow you to share a series with someone in the middle of a video call. Thanks to an API, developers will be able to add more apps that can be shared through FaceTime. You can even share a screen with our interlocutors, and it works with all Apple devices.

The Messages app also has news. You can send several photos in collage mode, playlists, recommendations on Apple News articles or web content that we can read by just clicking on them, songs or videos. Those recommendations are also added to Safari.

New notifications

Our attention is attracted by a lot of notifications that arrive in a disorderly way and at the most inopportune moments. To better identify them, with iOS 15 notifications will arrive with large icons of their apps, which will allow us to better focus on those that interest us. But not only that. You can also make summaries with messages or notifications from apps, classifying them according to what interests us. Time is bought and attention is focused.

If at certain times we want to focus on work, or family, or personal things, the new Focus app allows us to do so. We can intelligently organize pages to classify or prioritize them at different times of the day. If Focus is used on one device, it will immediately be reflected on all the others.

New Artificial Intelligence functions will allow us, from now on, to search for everything we want, from photos to notes, even handwritten. The mobile will recognize them. We can, for example, take photos of notes written on a blackboard, select the text that interests us on the screen, copy it and paste it later as text in any email or document.

Magic on screen

We can also extract written information from any photograph. If a phone number appears in an image, on a poster for example, or on a card, the iPhone will recognize it as a link and we can call directly by simply touching the number on the photo. It even works with photos saved from the web.

The Photos app comes to Spotlight, the iPhone’s content search system, so now we can directly search for images. The intelligence of the system will also show relevant data from the photographs. For example, if a dog appears, it will even tell us what breed it is. Spotlight will also show us photos of a person if we look for their contact, in addition to all the content related to them that we have on our mobile.

The Memories app, for its part, is now understood with Apple Music, so that we can select songs from our music library to prepare those videos with photos of our trips or vacations. A carousel lets us try different combinations and try all kinds of music from our Apple Music collection. Additionally, each selected photo is automatically enhanced in color and detail for the album. Each keepsake can be personalized with a few taps of our fingers.

Wallet, Weather and Maps

To Wallet, the app we add payment cards, movie tickets or plane tickets, now you can also add keys (home or car) to always carry them with you. BMW already allows it. Thus, we will enter the office, or a hotel room, just by holding the corresponding card. It can also be done with the iWatch. And it is even possible to add DNIs now, at least in the United States, digital identifications that can be presented anywhere.

The Weather app has also been totally redesigned, and now includes animated graphics and more relevant information, such as wind speed, rainfall, air quality or weather maps that are updated in real time.

Apple Maps, meanwhile, now offers more precise details than ever. In countries like the USA, Great Britain, and also in Spain, totally new maps will be released. With iOS 15 we can see reliefs, elevations, representations of buildings and monuments, labels … Navigation improves and information is added while we are driving such as bus lanes, pedestrian areas, flyovers in 3D … Everything will be incorporated into Car Play this year. If you go by metro or bus, in addition, Maps tells you when to get off. To go somewhere on foot, now the indications are much more precise. It tells us exactly where we should go. And everything, of course, synced with the Apple Watch.

AirPods, now locatable

The world’s most famous headphones now amplify conversations, reducing ambient noise as we speak. Siri can read the notifications whenever you want, or ask you not to, it will follow the Focus pattern that we have defined on the iPhone. Earpods are now integrated into the Find app, so they can be located on a map, like mobile, and an alert will sound when they are too far from the phone. Spatial Audio is added. And from now on Dolby Atmos is available on Apple Music.

iPadOS 15

From notebook to canvas to create. The iPad allows you to carry out a large number of activities. with iPadOS 15 the widgets come to the screen, just like in the iPhone. They can be placed where we want by just dragging them with your finger. There are many different ones. With the widgets it is possible to directly play our favorite games, watch programs. listen to music, etc. If we also dedicate the iPad screen layer to one thing (games, work, etc.) we can organize ourselves much better than until now.

Renewed multitasking

New multitasking menu, easier to use than ever. With a single tap on a new menu the screen splits in two or slides to see Home and choose another app. Now it is possible to open multiple windows, even within an app that we already have open. If, for example, we have another application open, touching a message will open a third window with that message. We can minimize all the apps that we have open in an “app shelf” that will appear at the bottom of the screen. Just touch the one you want to bring it to the fore. iPadOS 15 also offers a whole series of programmable shortcuts to save time.

New Quick Notes app. Now they can be opened anywhere and you can write directly on them with Apple Pencil, add photos or links, or calendar appointments and save it all in a single document. You can slide between the various sticky notes, or find them in the Notes app. They also appear on the Mac. By the way, a shared note will show us in colors what the other users who have access to the note have changed or added.

With iPad OS 15, the Translate app comes to Apple tablets. It is possible to speak in one language and the system will transcribe it to another on the screen. Translation also works on iPhone and Mac.

The new Swift Playgrounds app lets you create iPad apps from scratch and then upload them directly to the App Store. Ideal for developers, who can create from the iPad, but also for non-experts who want to develop their first applications.


Apple reinforces in its new operating systems its tendency to allow users, and not others, to control their data. Many advertising emails, for example, collect data, such as the IP address, each time we open an email. But now the Mail app will hide it, so it won’t be possible to track them and the same will be done by the Safari app. Also included in the Settings is the App Privacy Report, a report that indicates what data each installed app uses and the domains with which it contacts.

Security is also increased in Siri, and the voice is stored only on the device, it never leaves it or is stored anywhere else. That, in addition, allows Siri to work faster and, in many cases, without the need for a connection.

Secure data, even after death

iCloud is renewed. We keep a lot of personal information there, from passwords to contact lists. Account Recovery guarantees us that, in case of losing it, we can regain access to our Apple ID so as not to lose all that data. And even more, with Digital Legacy we can even bequeath all this data to our family members in the event of death.

Another function, Private Relay, makes Safari encrypt our browsing data, so that the different networks to which we connect cannot trace a profile of our tastes and preferences. From now on, nobody, not even Apple, will be able to know who we are or what pages we are seeing. And the same with the Mail.

Health, new developments

For years, Apple has been collaborating with experts and doctors to build its Health apps, which now include three new features. Mobility, which assesses the risk of falls while walking with your iPhone on you. Speed, stride length, steps, stability when walking. The data is accumulated in the Health app and allows making graphs that evaluate the risk. We can even find a series of suggested exercises to improve stability.

Labs. When we receive the results of a medical test, we often do not understand them. This app explains them step by step and tells us if the results are normal or not. Trends, for its part, measures the changes in trends that may occur in the parameters and alerts us to the possible risks we face. During a visit to the doctor, we are usually asked many questions about our daily activity. Now you can see it directly and precisely. No one other than the user has access to this data and can decide with whom they share it.

Family, for its part, allows the family to share health data, activity, trends, etc. So we can take better care not only of ourselves, but of those around us. Health data is always under user control. Not even Apple has access to them. Only the owner can share them.

WatchOS 8, breathing is important

The new version of the Apple Watch operating system improves the Breathe app, which helps to focus and lower the level of stress. Now incorporates relaxation screens. The Sleep app is also improving and now tracks more data about our rest, such as the puffs we exhale when we sleep. If the app notices a change in trend that may be worrisome, let us know. Finally, Tai Chi and seven other modalities, such as Pilates, which can be combined with music, are added to the Fitness app.

Apple watches can also be personalized with new portrait faces. In fact, we can make spheres with our photos. And with the digital crown it will be possible to enlarge or reduce images while still seeing the time. We can access our entire photo library in mosaic mode and choose the photo we want to make a new sphere, to which we will then add the details and information that we want to always have in view on the watch.

We can also dictate messages and emails to the clock, and draw with our finger on the screen or add emojis or gifs.

iOS15 Siri for everyone

New app designed to control home devices. From opening the front door to asking Siri to turn on the TV or play music. SharePlay can now make us share the movies or photos we are watching with friends. You can select the home pods as the TV sound source.

And a great first, Siri will now be available on third-party devices. Accessories will be available at the end of the year. You can also control everything from the Apple Watch. Through Apple TV you can see the various cameras in your house.

MacOS Monterey, from one screen to another

And we come to the new operating system for Macs. New design, which combined with Apple’s new M1 chip offers incredible results.

For example, it includes all the new skills that we have already seen in FaceTime, such as the ability to watch movies together, to share photos or apps by messages, Quick Notes .

But what really stands out is Continuity. It allows you to start a job on one device and continue on another thanks to Universal Control. For example, if we put the iPad next to the Mac and move the cursor to the edge of the computer screen, it will jump, as if by magic, to the iPad screen. And without the need to configure anything. In this way, images can be dragged from one device to another. It even works with three devices side by side.

AirPlay, for its part, the application that allows us to watch movies from the iPhone on TV, now comes to Mac, so that it will be possible to share the iPhone screen with that of the computer. We can, in fact, share anything, the devices work together like never before. The Shortcuts app also comes to the Mac with Monterey. They can be configured to share files or to automatically do specific actions All with a few clicks.

iOS15 Safari : One browser to rule them all

Safari has been rebuilt from scratch. According to Apple, it is the fastest and most secure browser in the world, with intelligent tracking prevention. With MacOS Monterey offers new ways to organize and manage tabs. Now, for example, they can be put together in groups (News, kitchen, etc). The groups that we create will always be available in the sidebar. In this way you can open more tabs than ever and have them organized.

Tab groups work the same on the iPad. On the iPhone they appear by sliding your finger from bottom to top of the screen in Safari. So we will have the same Safari experience on any device.

All operating systems will be available, totally free, in the fall.

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