Telegram benefits over whatsapp | Best features of telegram

Telegram benefits over whatsapp | Best features of telegram

If you had doubts about changing the messaging application, perhaps these advantages of Telegram benefits over WhatsApp will encourage you to take the final leap.

If you have a friend who loves technology or you visit this section regularly, you will have already heard about Telegram. In addition, since WhatsApp updated its terms and conditions, with changes in its privacy policy that involve data sharing with Facebook (who acquired it in 2014) and that users have to accept to continue using the service, alternatives such as Telegram do nothing more than add users.

Specifically, the application celebrated the other day the milestone of having exceeded 500 million active users. This instant messaging service, developed by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, had the intention of offering an alternative to WhatsApp with the plus of offering private messages.

These advantages over the Facebook application have only increased over the years. In addition, Telegram has been marking the route with new functions that WhatsApp has been copying such as stickers, gifs, messages that self-destruct and end-to-end encryption.

If you keep thinking about changing the messaging application even after the statement published by WhatsApp on social networks, in which it begins by directly addressing the most controversial rumor that, for some time, has been spreading about this application: “WhatsApp cannot see your messages private or listen to your calls, not Facebook “, we have good news. You do not need to get used to another interface nor do you have to learn to use Telegram, both are very similar in terms of functions, design and use.


How many times has the self-corrector played a trick on you in words like annual or wandering and you had to give explanations. If the error is in a WhatsApp group at work or with the rest of the parents at school, everything gets complicated. 


We mentioned before how annoying it is that WhatsApp indicates that you have deleted a message, also it only allows you to delete it for a period of time, then it will stay in the chat forever. However, Telegram allows you to delete messages at any time (we have tested it with messages from the year 2016), giving you the option to delete for yourself or for all members of the chat (whether with another person or a group) and without leaving a trace. That is, without showing that you deleted one or more messages. The application allows you to delete files, photos, videos or audio messages in the same way.


Telegram has an option within each conversation called Empty chat. A function that would have been great for Pimpinela because it is literally a ‘Forget me and turn around’. In case you give him a bad temper, he gives you a scant 5 seconds to decide if you want to forget forever that there was a conversation (or whatever) with that person or simply archive the chat and turn the page.


Telegram allows you to create a channel, whose operation is similar to that of a blog. You can write and share content that the people who subscribe can see and share, although not writing or participating directly, but leaving comments on each publication you make.


In WhatsApp, a group can have up to 256 participants, in Telegram 200,000, an abysmal difference, that if it is a family group, with 200 left over but if they are thematic, from neighborhood initiatives, from former students of a University or similar massive things, 200,000 it fits a lot more. In addition, in the case of channels, Telegram allows a limited number of subscribers


Telegram allows you the option of creating secret chats with added features as interesting as messages that self-destruct in seconds, prevent screenshots from being taken (or warn that they have been taken, prevent message forwarding, and all with end-to-end encryption.


Telegram does not depend on the mobile phone. It is true that when creating an account, ask for a phone number, but then you can use Telegram on different devices and on the same smartphone without depending on the SIM. In addition, thanks to this flexibility, it allows you to create a nickname with which they can add you to contacts without knowing your phone number.


Not to flirt (although each one decides what to do with the tools), but to find groups of neighborhood proposals, volunteering in the neighborhood and other cooperative initiatives. Of course, by default, the accounts are not visible to other users by geolocation unless it is modified manually.


A function that can be overridden, making the forwardings anonymous in terms of their authorship.


Competing with applications like Discord, Telegram implemented voice chats. It is not about sending audios to a chat, this function goes further. Voice chats work like a telematic meeting (without video), allowing several people to interact by speaking, also with very good sound quality.

11. Audio speed

We live in a world in a hurry, of course. Recently, Netflix added the option to play series and movies at a higher speed. 

It is ideal for that podcaster friend who turns our conversations into an on-board diary, although yes, the voice goes from looking human to remembering those musical aberrations of ‘The Machinist Smurfs’. A necessary sacrifice in pursuit of time.

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